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WOOP is the first-ever platform that listens to women’s opinions. They provide us with missions to complete, and once the task is completed, you get rewarded. Doesn’t that sound cool? You earn rewards by simply completing easy missions, and this also creates school days for children in India and all over the world. I learned about this platform through my sister and have been recommending WOOP to everyone since. You guys are doing an ace job. Lots of love!


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Thank you WOOP! Thanks to the missions and programs, I added a new section, “one review - one product” to my YouTube channel. Writing reviews has become an essential part of my life, and I’m pleased about it. And, of course, one of the most pleasant bonuses (apart from prizes) is creating school hours for children from low-income families.


Indian WOOPer Shares Her Love for WOOP

Highly recommended! I’m personally glad that WOOP exists. This team is a gift! They unite women from around the globe virtually and conduct fun missions that benefit both parties. They provide opportunities to less fortunate children and reward women who do their best to complete tasks and invite friends. I took part in some of their missions, and it was worth it!

ANNA PERENA Philippines

Indonesian WOOPers Share Their Love for WOOP

It's an excellent platform for all new moms. We learn a lot from each about baby issues and how to tackle these problems that we face in our daily lives. For me, Mommyship has become like my second family, where I can write and share whatever I feel. Thank you Mommyship and WOOP!


Russian WOOPers Share Their Love for WOOP

WOOP is a great platform. We not only gain knowledge about good products but also win rewards, making it a win-win situation :). The best part of it is that we can help girls get education by simply giving a little amount of time every day from our busy schedule doing missions.


Brilliant initiative. Education is a human right that should be given to all humans equally regardless of their gender, religion or nationality. I appreciate WOOP’s work and honesty. Because of WOOP, millions of girls have the opportunity to develop their full potential and can follow their dreams. Stay blessed.


Mommyship is a great platform to connect with different moms, who guide each other on various topics, share knowledge, recipes, discuss our problems, & celebrate birthdays together! It is the only group where I can share my feelings when I am sad, and other moms motivate and guide me on how to remain positive.


WOOP is the most beautiful platform for women by women. Here you can get immense support, love, care and happiness. This platform has assembled us to help each other with every problem, and you can find out the solution to your queries and problems related to parenthood. I feel so proud of holding the title of a WOOPer.


There are no words to explain the importance of this community in my life. I made several friends, share my opinions and cute baby pictures, get support from fellow moms, and learn quick solutions to solve my problems. I've also learned so much about rituals and ceremonies celebrated by other countries before and after pregnancy. I am glad to be a part of this community. Thank you, WOOP.


To me spending time with WOOP is very enjoyable, worth it and self-fulfilling because the feeling that you know you are doing a mission not just for you but for other people is what really attracts me to WOOP and it is easy and fun. Thank you WOOP Philippines, for helping me be a better mom.


When I first got acquainted with WOOP, I could not imagine that there would be so many exciting and useful missions coming up. Now, my whole family is involved in the process. My husband tested a few grooming products, and my son participates in Pampers programs. I too, have learned a lot and created 9 class hours for underprivileged children.


I absolutely love WOOP. Not only is it a lovely community, but it also allows me to test products that I wouldn't usually get the opportunity to, which in turn helps provide education to young girls abroad. It's a fabulous platform, the team makes you feel extremely welcome, and there's no better feeling than knowing you are benefiting others less fortunate than yourself! Keep up the excellent work WOOP!


I can honestly say that WOOP is terrific. You won’t come across another platform like it. I have been fortunate so far to try new products (some even before they were available in the UK) and win vouchers from reputed brands. I love that I get to share my opinions and in return, know that I am helping young women around the globe to get an education.


Hear what our clients say

WOOP offers a unique combination of rational and emotional motivations to consumers.This has helped us not only engage deeper but also sustain the engagement with our target consumer over a period of time. This deep engagement has generated multiple benefits - high-quality peer advocacy, brand preference and insights.

Pooja Baid Director - Marketing, Health & wellness
Philips Avent India

The Pampers campaign on WOOP was very successful. More than 50% of moms talked about Pampers on their own Facebook timeline. This is more credible than paid brand advertising. We also got 300+ reviews in a short period and over 500+ videos from moms and their babies using the brand jingle.

Lester Estrada Marketing Director
P&G, Philippines

Client Testimonial - Pooja Baid - Director - Marketing, Health & Wellness - Philips Avent

The interactive engagement on WOOP through missions was a very innovative way to educate women about feminine hygiene and our associated product. Any topic or issue which requires deeper engagement can benefit from the WOOP model. The social impact part of WOOP truly makes this engagement model a win-win for everyone.

Jill Mills Marketing Manager
Mundipharma UK

WOOP is a powerful platform that allows us to engage with the right target audience, create genuine brand advocates and sustain engagement with trialists over an extended period. The ability to drive education in a fun way, generate advocacy, user-generated content and actionable insights makes WOOP a powerful tool for any marketer to leverage brand communities.

Ketan Mohile Category Head
Cipla India

Client Testimonials - Why Brands Trust WOOP