How we create Advocates

WOOP is grounded in psychology, and uses a unique combination of intrinsic and extrinsic motivations, to get your consumers to actively advocate you, and build Trust.

See the video below on how WOOP triggers Advocacy by making it fun as well as fulfilling.

Advocates help Brands grow

Users turned into Advocates through Interactive and rewarding engagement on WOOP, deliver multiple benefits for your brand – with speed as well as efficiency.

  • User Generated
  • Online
  • Word of
  • Friend
  • Rich
  • Crisis

Advocates help Educate Girls

Just by engaging with brands they like, women on WOOP create funds to support young girl education.

Doing good was never so easy.

500 WOOP points help sponsor 1 day of school through Nanhi Kali, India’s leading NGO for Girl Child education.


1,50,000+ school days

created till date

Click here for stories of

Girls supported by WOOP points

Clients that trust us

Here are a few clients that decided to try out the power of authentic word of mouth from real consumer advocates, at scale.

A few success stories

Nothing speaks louder than results. So here they are…

Client Testimonials

Hear from Clients who are using WOOP for Authentic Advocacy

Arvind R P
VP Marketing, Kaya Marico Enterprises

"Word of mouth is by far the most powerful driver of new customers for Kaya. WOOP provides us a structured and scalable model to motivate our customers to recommend friends and write online reviews of their experience. We have seen a very significant increase in online reviews after the WOOP engagement. Another advantage of this model is the direct link between consumers doing actions and helping Girl child Education.This transparent social cause linkage elevates the engagement on WOOP beyond transactional rewards and builds positive associations with our brand"

Priya Rege Jaggi
Category Director, Cipla Health

"Advocacy of people you trust, like friends, is extremely important in today's social age but very difficult to trigger and measure. WOOP not only helps us identify our true advocates but also makes the entire process scalable and measurable for us, and also seamless for the consumers. Through the engagement on WOOP, we have been able to get significant amount of social conversations for our brand in a short period of time. The social cause linked with WOOP is also a unique aspect and gives our customers a more meaningful purpose to engage with our brand"

Reethika Nair
Senior Manager Digital Marketing, Kimberly - Clark

"We used WOOP to help us identify our brand advocates and engage with them to drive peer to peer recommendation. We started with a small pilot and have been happy with the results delivered. We were also glad on the over-delivery in brand engagement metrics. We look forward to exploring avenues to scale up our partnership."

Consumer Testimonials

Hear from our members why they like engaging with brands on WOOP.

Check out more women of opinion sharing thoughts
on WOOP.

  • I think, it’s a great initiative for women of different walks of life to come together and share opinions. The best part is, you get to help little girls go to school. Love this!

    Noorain Sobiya Avatar Noorain Sobiya

    I came to know about woop from facebook since it suggested me. First I thought this must be a fun page with some activities for women but then I learned their real motive of educating girls. I am honoured and beyond happy to be a part of such kind of campaigns because it is my first time engaging in such kind of activities. Feels Great 👍🏻

    Radha Jack Avatar Radha Jack

    I came to know about WOOP on Facebook.I am teacher by profession .Teaching is my passion.And Through WOOP i can also help to educate girls by simple missions ..this really captivated my attention..n More over my opinion matters here so i would love to be part of WOOP n support it as much as i can..it is also increasing my knowledge about many things so i m glad yo be a member of WOOP and share my view.

    Shanaya Prathwani Avatar Shanaya Prathwani
  • Just saw it and decided to try this.... I feel overwhelmed when I see that I am also able to contribute to this humble case that is the education of a girl. Helping others is in everyone's heart but it sometime becomes non feasible for us but my few minutes can also help... Hope amazing idea just loving this

    Jyoti Sachdeva Avatar Jyoti Sachdeva

    I came across WOOP by Facebook Ad. I am a homemaker and spend my free time on social media. On visiting WooP website I came to know it not just about surveys it is a mission, mission that not only educates me more about many stuff but by me participating in it I am helping a girl child getting her right to education through WOOP . WOOP is doing a great job by educating a girl child and through this I am not only enjoying various products but being a part of great initiative.

    Als Als Avatar Als Als

    I think woop is an excellent initiative where just by taking a few minutes off your busy schedule you can do good to a minimum of 3 people. 1. Helping educate the girl child 2. Providing valuable feedback to brand builders 3. Yourself by expanding your knowledge base and also concurrently enjoying different products

    Amantha Lawrence Avatar Amantha Lawrence
  • Woop is a great platform..i think its a very innovative approach. All day we are busy on social networks etc and using the same medium if one can help the society, there is no better thing. If Sharing your thoughts and a little initiative can change and improve someone life then we should all take this extra step. Keep the great work up..all the best👍

    Ekta Arora Avatar Ekta Arora

    I came across WOOP india through a facebook adv. and found it to be very helpful. Love the quizzes and the gift hampers. Also it's great to know that I am helping in educating and awaring people in girl education.

    Drishti Sethi Avatar Drishti Sethi

    I came to know about woop India page through one of my friends who directed me to join this page on FB. And it feels great to be a part of it, sharing my opinion and winning exciting prizes....

    Jyoti Sharma Avatar Jyoti Sharma

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